Grime Nawa’s Customary Land All Taken by Palm Company

Customary communities in Grime Nawa Valley, Jayapura Regent, rejected one-sided “adat” land release. They accused PT Permata Nusa Mandiri of land takeover.


Nickel Hunting Arising in Abandoned Land

Nickel mining activities have been arising in Konawe, South East Sulawesi. The modus operandi is to utilize land of ex-forest road corridor containing ore.


Jayapura Regent to Revoke Forest Harming Company Soon

Responding to communities of Nambo demand, Jayapura Regent affirmed to revoke PT Permata Nusa Mandiri permit. The company is accused of harming the forest.


Namblong Communities Demand Palm Company Permit Revoked

Communities of Namblong in Jayapura Regency demand the revocation of PT Permata Nusa Mandiri permit. The company has cleared 8.000 ha of customary forest.


Law Talk

Discourse and dialogue on natural resources law enforcement. Guest speakers invited are stakeholders, from law enforcement agencies, government institutions, academia, and civil societiy organizations.

November 2021
Restoration has been increasingly incorporated in prosecuting cases of pollution and environmental damage. The legal execution has not been smooth sailing.
Focus Group Discussion

Building Collaboration of Law Enforcement in the SDA Sector

The urgency of collaboration of law enforcement in the natural resources sector is hampered by the lack of operational guidance. Inputs from a discussion.

Focus Group Discussion

Dialogue on Law Enforcement Structure at Ministry of ESDM

Aiding a broad law enforcement strategy, a review on reformulation of institutions and personnel at the Ministry of ESDM was held. To be further consulted.


Cementing Law Enforcement Against SDA Crimes in West Papua

West Papua’s vast natural resources potentials come with high risks of criminal activities. Strengthening law enforcement is essential its real benefits.


Western Indonesian PPNS Get Capacity Boost

Special training to enhance the capacity of the western Indonesia civil servant investigators (PPNS) took place in the wake of the third wave of the pandem...


Law Enforcement Against Perpetrators of Forest Fires in Riau

Problems are still rife in the enforcement of law against the burning of forests and lands in Riau. This discussion unravels the causes and the solutions.


Training Given for Eastern Indonesia PPNS

The second capacity training for civil servant investigators in the eastern Indonesia was held in hybrid mode. Five modules were presented.